Helios Facial Oil, 1.7 oz

Helios Beauty Oil is designed for faces in need of a gentle, soothing touch. These luscious azure drops calm redness or sensitivity, and deeply moisturise to impart a smooth, moon-like glow to the face. A few drops of this oil can be added to foundation for an ethereal glow. This 1.7 fl oz glass bottle is a beautiful addition to the shelf.

- $17 -


Star Ingredients

Blue Tansy - Vivid Blue Tansy essential oil lends Moondrop its signature azure color. Blue Tansy is among the best natural cures for redness, irritation, or inflammation. 

Rose - Rose essential oil is renowned for its regenerative and inflammation fighting properties, and has been used through the centuries by kings and queens around the world. 

Sandalwood - Woodsy and grounding, Sandalwood is an essential oil with many uses. It is a strong acne and microbe fighter, that suppresses the main contributors to inflammation produced by our immune systems. 

Turmeric - sed for generations as a remedy for aging and discoloration, Turmeric is a potent antioxidant. Turmeric blocks the creation of an enzyme which attacks the firmness and suppleness of skin. 

Squalane - Luscious and moisturizing Squalane made from olives is a quick absorbing, deeply penetrating oil that leaves a feather-light finish on the skin.

All-Natural | 100% Plant-Based | Cruelty-Free | Vegan | Dye Free | No Artificial Ingredients | Paraben-free

*Separation of ingredients is natural because we do not use harmful chemical stabilizers. If this occurs, shake bottle gently before use.